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Columbus Planting

No landscape is complete without plant life. Plants give color and texture to a yard and make it feel more like home. Plants also have a relaxing effect due to the smells they produce which is even more so for flowering plants. Trees provide shade while obstructing wind and noise and hedges or shrubs can be used as decoration or to indicate pathways or property borders. If you do know what you want then Gregory Lawn & Landscape Inc. can create if and give you practical advice for the project.

For instance, some flowers and plants require lots of sun so you will either need to set them in a sunny area or have us redesign the surroundings so that they have access to adequate light. After performing soil tests it may be discovered that certain plants will not grow well in your current soil so new, nutrient rich soil may be needed to enable your plants to grow properly.

If you have a pond or waterfall then certain plants should not be placed too close to them as they need less water and will only die from over hydration. These are all important things to consider but when you hire Gregory Lawn & Landscape Inc. we have the professional training to design and cultivate your plant projects.