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Edging and Mulching in Columbus OH

Gregory Lawn & Landscape: Your Columbus Edging and Mulching Professionals

Gregory Lawn & Landscape has been serving the Columbus area for more than a decade. Committed to making sure our clients have a landscape they can be proud of, we know that listening closely to our clients’ needs and expectations is the first and most important step. After laying out a clear plan of action we get to work bringing your dream into reality.

Two of the most popular services we provide for our fellow Columbus community members are edging and mulching. Please read below for a brief explanation of why these services are in such high demand.

Why edge your lawn?

Edging is when you cut a grove between your lawn and walkways, flowerbeds, driveways or other components of your landscape and add a barrier. Edging gives your Columbus lawn a manicured appearance that increases the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. But that is not the only benefit edging your lawn provides. A well edged lawn can add value to your property, save on trimming time, and creates a barrier to prevent grasses from invading flowerbeds.

What are the benefits of mulching?

Mulching involves placing a mix of organic matter as a protective cover on top of the soil surrounding a tree, shrub or plant. Mulching helps by:

  • Controlling weeds – weeds have a very difficult time sprouting in mulch as the sunlight they need to grow cannot penetrate the organic barrier.
  • Preventing soil erosion- mulch shields the soil around a plant stopping rain and wind from eroding it.
  • Retaining moisture – mulch performs a twofold process of storing water and limiting the evaporation of water from the soil.
  • Providing nutrients- as organic mulch slowly decomposes it releases nutrients into the soil, allowing for the sustained health of your plant.

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